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Harmony and Wisdom Foundation Inc. joyfully announces that enrollment is still open for our Weekend Class Program Academic Year 2020- 2021.   Please click on the link below to enroll.


5 - 7 Years Old

Subjects offered: 

  • Basic Qur’an Reading 
  •  Prophet Stories and Parables  


8 - 10 Years Old

Subjects offered: 

  • Faith & Worship 
  • Islamic History and Sociology
  • Qur’an Reading (by level) 


11 - 18 Years Old

Subjects offered: 

  • Faith & Worship 
  • Islamic History and Sociology
  • Qur’an Reading 


18 Years and Above

Weekly group lectures on various topics relating to Islam (Hadith, Tafsir, Ilm al-Hal, etc.)




Cooking classes

Organized for anyone interested in learning different dishes from a number of cuisines like Turkish Mediterranean and Filipino while sharing wonderful experiences over a cup of tea (or more).  🙂

Eid al - Adha


Sharing blessings with others thru the beautiful and blessed Qurban/Beef Sharing Activity. 

Food Fest


Treat yourself and your family to mouthwatering foods from various cuisines.  We have all foods to complete your lunch or dinner and even breakfast: from starters to big meals to desserts and even drinks. 

Foundation Program




Every year, the Foundation organizes activities and programs for the special Islamic month of Ramadan like Qur’an Reading Sessions, Iftar Dinner, Ramadan Relief, and many more…


Noah's Pudding


Noah’s Pudding is considered as one of the oldest desserts in the world dating back to the time of Prophet Noah. It is also referred to as Ashura (ten) since it is usually made on the 10th day of Muharram, one of the holiest months in the Islamic Calendar.

About Our Programs

In this day and age, we see the importance for our children to learn the necessary moral and religious foundations based on Islamic principles and teachings. HWF offers classes during the weekends for children between the ages of 5-18 (preschool to highschool). We have developed an interesting package of learning initiatives that is not only unique, but also innovative.

Classes are based on students’ academic level so that they can be in the class with their peers.


We follow various Islamic curriculum programs for three levels (Pre-school, Elementary, Highschool) that aim to not only educate children about the basics of Islam but also encourage them to embrace Islamic values of peace, tolerance, respect and love. Please contact us for more information

Our teachers are well-versed in the different field of Islamic Sciences and have broad experiences in teaching.  

Our programs/classes for this year are online due to the ongoing pandemic. However, we do provide online classes to other places in the country even abroad. 

We use English as medium of instruction in our classes/programs.

You can enroll anytime. Click on the “Enroll” button on the top of the page to register. 

You can use credit/debit card to donate. Please reach out to us thru our numbers/email address for additional info. 


Listen to our parents
I had great time as a parent
Mustafa Gun
3 January 2020
Thank you very much..
17 December 2019
Jazāk Allāhu Khayran
10 October 2019
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